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So you've stumbled upon my blog. Welcome, and mind the daleks!

Sticking with the alliteration in my blog's title, I, Toria, am using this blog to talk about 3 main things: tech, tunes, and tea. These are all pretty broad terms and can be extended to the realms of video games, concert reviews, and programming. Occasionally I may discuss books, writing, and any sorts of crafty projects I am working on. Sometimes Toria will talk about things, as well, but the consonance is lost (I think).

My initial reason for starting this blog was that I had acquired a Raspberry Pi. I have been a fan of web design and development for a number of years now, and nothing seemed more punk rock than turning my RPi into a web server. Blogging has been an on-again, off-again hobby for me over the years, and though I had been meaning to get back into it, no particular blogging platform had really caught my attention. It was a natural step then to consider using my RPi web server to host a static blog. But there was (and is) a catch: setting up port forwarding on my router and doing anything with my ISP's limited admin panel makes it incredibly difficult to host this blog on my RPi from home, so DigitalOcean is my current home. After a bit of research, I decided upon using jekyll for static generation. I use AWS S3 to host my images.

If you would like to see my CV/resume, please direct yourself to

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