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17 Jan 2015 » Tea Review: Jasmine Blossom Green Tea by Stash Tea

It's only been in the last couple of years that I've acquired an affinity for tea. This in part is due to my attempts to lose weight and change my diet to improve my health. Now that I've amassed a small collection of teas, I drink tea at least once a day. It isn't a necessity (though the caffeine in some teas is great for work mornings), but tea tastes wonderfully fresh and clean. Sorry, coffee. tea

The tea that I'm reviewing today is the Jasmine Blossom Green Tea by Stash Tea, a company based in Oregon. I first had this tea at Cheesecake, Etc. -- my go-to dessert hangout -- as part of the most fantabulous tea latte I've ever had: the Shanghai Fog. Similar to a London Fog, it's a combination of jasmine tea, frothed milk, and vanilla. The drink was absolutely divine, and I was thankful that the teabag was left in the drink so I was able to hunt this tea down and add it to my own collection.

Stash is a relaively easy to find brand in grocery stores. I have seen their teas in Safeway's flyers, and on shelves in London Drugs and Nester's Market. Of these three stores, the prices seem to be lowest at London Drugs. The box design is basic, but it gets the message across. There are twenty teabags in a box, and each is individually wrapped with brewing instructions.

One of the first things I noticed about the tea was how fragrant it was. It's a jasmine tea to the core, and it's apparent in the rich floral aroma. There is nothing spicy about this tea, so it is basic, but that is why it excels at being a pure, cleansing tea. The tea's colour is a slightly orange yellow -- nothing particularly earth-shattering to note. Now, the flavour is what makes this tea unforgettable. After initially having it in that Shanghai Fog latte, I had cravings for this tea, and it's clear why. The jasmine flower takes centre stage immediately on first sip. It's fragrant and floral without being overly floral, and somehow it still remains slightly sweet. I have had this tea with milk, honey, vanilla, and also without, and I must say that it is most enjoyable in its pure, unadulterated state. There is already such a fullness of flavour that it is completely unnecessary to add any supplements.

I had better stop this review before I completely go overboard, but I've gotta say that this is my favourite tea, and I am not saying that lightly.

My recommendation? Drink this tea if you'd like something floral, sweet, caffeinated, and full-bodied.

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