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27 Dec 2013 » In the Beginning...

In the beginning, there was Pi. A Raspberry Pi, in fact. And so begins the start of my latest blogging endeavour: the creation of a Jekyll-powered blog run on a Raspberry Pi in the basement of my home.

With this blog, I hope to explore a couple things. The main one being writing, especially focused on technology and music -- my two greatest loves. I also want to brush up on my Unix and learn markdown, both of which shouldn't be difficult tasks, but they're tasks nonetheless. I also intend for this blog to serve as a sort of portfolio for myself where all of my projects can be found easily online.

My next post will likely be either one documenting the steps I took in order to get my Pi set up to this point, or a progress report about some other project I am working on.

Well, until next time! :)

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